What is the Loopy Llama?

What is the Loopy Llama you ask?

Good question!!

This is my blog, my creative outlet, my place to express myself, a place to over share and a place for you to watch me do my thing. My hope is that something I do or say on here can help someone out there…..somewhere even a little bit.

Maybe you look about like this after reading that description


I know, I know.

What is your thing?  Why do I care to watch you do it? How can you possibly help me by reading your blog?

I can say this… I live my life to help and inspire others. You will be entertained at the very least, this much is (almost) guaranteed. My stories aren’t always nice or good. I was not always who I am today. But that is why I feel like this is my true calling in life. To help people.

 You will either love me or hate me or maybe you will even be slightly confused. I just hope you find me charming enough to let me grow on you because I tend to do that with people.

Curious what I am on about? Follow me and find out!

The  only rule is that there is NO HATE ALLOWED! All hateful comments will be deleted. There is a difference between not agreeing with someone or something and making hateful comments. Let’s all get along!









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